"I'm writing a novel - Oh really? Neither am I.." - Peter Cook

About me

File 20-01-2016 22 55 50“I met a man at a party. He said “I’m writing a novel”.  I said “Oh really? Neither am I.” – Peter Cook.

Hello and welcome, my name’s Vanessa Gellard and I’ve been thinking about blogging for years. So what stopped me? Well, my aim has always been to write a novel.

I studied creative writing at Sussex University and have written off and on since then. I worried that a bog would be a diversion from the work in hand, and that I wouldn’t find time for my ‘real’ writing. So, I got on with not writing my novel and put the blog ideas to bed. So why now? Most people I know who write (and by that I mean actually write), write a lot. That creative urge of mine was in dire need of exercise if I was ever going to come close to finishing a novel.
Brightonessa started on Instagram. As well as writing, I love reading and am an avid collector of books and old photographs, I started posting my collection and shouting out about books that I love. I wanted to say more. So Brightonessa is a place for me to review books, talk about things I love (mostly book related), a place to oooh and ahhh with like-minded fellows over vintage photographs, postcards, and art and pretty book-covers. With mostly a period slant, because that’s what excites me, I shall waffle on in the hope that I’ll waffle my way into becoming a novelist.